Peach fuzz on your face is a fact. We’re all born with a fine layer of ‘down’, called vellus hair, which can become fluffier as you age, depending on genetics and hormones.

Dermaplaning is a process of using a blade to remove this hair (and dead skin cells), resulting in skin that’s naturally smooth and glowy. Why do it? Without the fuzz barrier, skincare products can absorb better and make-up sits flawlessly.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about my DIY attempt, so I called trusted skin therapist Jacqueline Brennan from Jacqueline Brennan salon in Sydney’s Mosman to talk me through it.

And here I go ...

Using the Flawless Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glow, I start by washing my face, as per Jacqueline’s advice, so it’s completely product free. A mirror and good lighting are essential. Starting at my jawline, I hold my skin taut and keep the blade at a 45-degree angle. I make small strokes against the direction of hair growth, travel up my cheeks and across my forehead, avoiding my eye area, nose and hairline. (The process is completely different to men’s shaving, so it won’t feel weird – it uses a single blade and the technique is different, too.)

The verdict

My face is smooth and my skin looks brighter. I’m amazed by how silky it feels when I apply my products and how beautifully my foundation sits. I have yet to discover what regrowth is like, but Jacqueline assures me that facial hair won’t grow back thicker – that’s a myth. “It may feel a bit stubbly around the two-week mark, but once it’s grown back, it’ll feel exactly as it did before,” she says. (In fact, a friend of mine who tried it a month before me said she hadn’t noticed the regrowth at all, as the hairs are so fine.) All I have to do now is repeat the process every four to six weeks to keep my skin dolphin smooth.

Avoid DIY disasters 

Remember that using a blade on your face is not without risks. While many DIY kits come with a safety guard, it’s still possible to scratch or cut your skin, causing irritation or scarring. The main difference between dermaplaning in a salon and doing it yourself is the quality of the blade and professional experience. Rather be in the hands of an expert? Treatments start from about $100.

Try these

1. Flawless Finighing Touch Dermaplane Glow (left)

It has a built-in LED light so you don’t miss a spot and it includes six replacement heads. 


2. Revlon Face Defuzzer (right)

Made with high-quality Japanese stainless steel blades for a close shave and super-smooth skin. 

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