Now that summer festivities are officially over, many of us are looking to focus on our health. The Healthy Food Guide 30-Day Reset program is designed to help build better habits in 2021. 

Kicking off on February 15, the program is led by some of our favourite experts.

Libby Babet, TV star and personal trainer behind the Prevention Virtual Walk will lead you through a simple exercise program; accredited practising dietician and editor of Healthy Food Guide Brooke Delfino will provide delicious weekly menus; while Sprout cooking school, founded by Masterchef star Callum Hann, will show you delicious cooking videos and recipes.

Each week you'll get:⁠

  • A delicious, dietitian-formulated meal plan & shopping list⁠
  • A curated, realistic exercise plan ⁠
  • Cooking demonstrations⁠
  • Community support via a private Facebook group⁠

All for just $30.

Sound good? Click here to sign up. 


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