Clear your mind

If you’ve found seated meditation practically impossible, try quieting your mind while you walk. “You can get a lot of the same benefits just by focusing on your breath and body,” says Kusch.

Capture the moment

If you’re into Instagram or love photography, snap pics on your walks. “It lets you be creative, and sharing them can inspire friends and family to get out there, too,” says fitness expert Sarah Kusch.

Talk to people (yeah, really)

“So what if you take a short break?” says Kusch. “I met one of my best friends while taking a walk. If I hadn’t stopped and said hello, I’d have missed out on a lifelong pal.”

Dig into data

Fitbits... Garmins...There are so many cool options for wearable tech and apps that will track your steps, mileage, and speed. “They’re really motivating,” says Kusch. 

Work on gratitude

“Some days I spend my entire walk thinking of things or people I am grateful for,” says Kusch. “It makes me happy, and I go back to the ‘real world’ a better person.”

Let yourself be pissed off

“Sometimes I’m mad or just crabby,” says Kusch. “Instead of letting it ruin my day, I give myself 30 minutes to be in a funk. I start walking and within 5 minutes I’m over it.”

Get off the beaten track

“New surroundings cultivate new thoughts and add an interest to your walks,” says Kusch. “I’d bet that there is a nearby park you've never visited, unexplored streets, or even bushland you could explore. Just get out there.”

Finally get to that book

“I’m often so tired that when I do have a spare moment to read, I fall asleep,” laughs Kusch. “So I love downloading audiobooks for my walks. I’ll get through a chapter or two in 30 minutes, and then knowing the next chapter is waiting for me makes me excited for my walks.”

Call a friend

“I have people that I never get around to calling,” says Kusch. “Now I give them 30 minutes and we catch up while I move my body. It’s a win-win.”



© Sourced: The Big Book of Walking for Weight Loss