Nearly a third of Australians have been working from home in 2020 and their office setup is leaving much to be desired. A recent study from the University of Cincinnati reveals that improper chair height and incorrect computer orientation were among the ergonomic missteps leading to health issues like chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain over time. So how can you turn things around? No need to splurge on new office equipment. Instead, try these easy fixes for your existing furniture, and get up and walk around every 30 minutes.

1) Optimise your chair.

If your arms aren’t level with your desk and you tend to lean forward, your chair is probably too low; lay a pillow or a folded towel on your seat and sit on that instead. If your lower back gets achy, placing a rolled-up towel at the base of your lower back as well can provide extra lumbar support.

2) Raise your computer.

How to tell if your computer screen is at the right height: The top of the screen should be right at eye level. Stack books, magazines, or sturdy boxes under your monitor or laptop until it reaches the perfect height; this is important to prevent neck strain and eyestrain.

3) DIY a standing desk.

You might not be able to create an ideal seated workstation despite your best efforts; the next best thing is to rotate between a sitting one and a standing one. Prop your computer on a tall surface, like a kitchen countertop or an ironing board, and then use your stackers to get the right height.

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