It’s secure, out of sight and super convenient – no wonder so many women stash essentials in their chest armour. Problem is, using your bra as a storage solution isn’t exactly doing your breasts any favours. “When you put things in your bra, you’re not only risking damaging your bra, but your breasts as well,” says Esther Labi, bra-fitting expert and founder of bra store Storm in a D Cup. Here’s what to ditch from your decolletage.


Stashing heavy items in your cups or wedged under the straps can cancel out the supportive effect of your lingerie. “Coins, wallets, phones and sunglasses all act as anchors in your bra, pulling with gravity to weigh your breasts down,” explains Labi. “The right bra actively prevents some chronic physical symptoms [such as back pain], as it supports your breasts and shoulders … so you don’t want to add any extra weight to your bra.”


Form-ftting, absorbent and covered by layers of clothes, your bra makes a cosy place for bacteria to breed. “By putting a used tissue in your bra, you’re converting it into a petri dish for incubating viruses,” says Labi. “The warm, dark bra world offers the perfect conditions for nasties to grow, so just throw your tissue in the bin.” Enough said!


They’re sharp, jagged and bulky, so keeping keys in your cleavage can’t be comfortable. It’s also bad news for your fit. “The odd shape of keys can leave lumpy or wrinkly grooves in your bra’s cup and padding. This means that next time you wear your favourite bra, it may gape or your breasts may not sit smoothly in the cup,” Labi explains. “Even worse, car keys and anything sharp can pierce through the cup and leave you with an unflattering hole in the front of your bra.”

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