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We think of salads as a healthy summer meal choice, but we can accidentally sabotage their health benefits by layering on bottled flavourings, often high in sugar and fat.               

Instead, try these easy ways to boost the flavour of your go-to salads – you might be surprised at the delicious results you can get from adding in these healthy ingredients in the right proportions! 

Fresh herbs

For an Asian twist, toss finely chopped coriander and mint through vegies like cucumber, carrot and chilli. If Mediterranean is more your style, add basil to tomato-based salads. Not only are herbs full of flavour, they’re one of the richest sources of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Say cheese

Just 40g (about the same size as two dice) of a big flavour cheese like feta, shaved parmesan or crumbled goat’s cheese can take a salad from zero to hero without weighing in with too many kJs. 


Just as creamy as mayo, but so much lighter – try two parts Greek yoghurt and one part Dijon mustard and save over 400 kJ (100 cal) per tablespoon. It pairs particularly well with roasted or barbecued root veg like carrots or sweet potato. 


A quarter of an avocado is the ideal, healthy portion – your heart will benefit from the omega-3 fats, and you’ll also get potassium for muscle function and immunity-boosting vitamin C. Simply dice it up and toss it through your salad, or mash it into guacamole with lime and chilli to dollop on top. Just be aware that you can have too much of a good thing and risk turning your salad into a kilojoule bomb – so be portion-wise.

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