Choose the right bra

If your bra feels more like an instrument of torture than a source of support, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Don’t be shy: get yourself professionally fitted and don’t be surprised if you need to go up a cup size or two. Why not consider a treat and buy yourself some pretty ones? Cup sizes now go up to a G and there are some lovely designs in larger sizes. 

Natural remedy

If the hormone fluctuations are causing breasts to feel tender and “full”, evening primrose oil, which has long been known to ease premenstrual symptoms, may help.  

Vary your exercise routine

High-impact exercise such as jogging can be painful for large-breasted women. Instead, try a low-impact cardio-workout such as stationary bike, push-ups or swimming. In the pool even walking through the water is good.  Cardio exercise helps you lose body fat overall and will eventually do so on the breasts.

Stand up straight!

Poor posture can cause all kinds of ailments, from neck and back pain to joint wear and tear. When you’re carrying extra weight on your chest it can be easy to slump forward without realising it. See opposite page for tips on the best way to stand.