Better sleep!

While alcohol can help you fall asleep quicker, it is known to disrupt sleep during the latter part of the night and can lead to waking unrefreshed. No alcohol and better sleep means less tossing and turning at night and waking with a foggy mind. This in turn will help to stabilise appetite during the day, lead to less sugar cravings and better energy, setting you up for another good nights sleep.  

Clarity of mind (improved mental health)

Similar to sleep, while it may seem that alcohol can temporality relieve feelings of anxiousness, it’s not actually a beneficial aid. In fact, alcohol changes our brain chemistry and can intensify symptoms of anxiety and depression. In addition to this, feeling poorly after a night of drinking can impact food and lifestyle choices, which go on to negatively, impact mental health. By removing alcohol from your life during Ocsober, you are likely to notice improvements in mood and increased clarity of mind.

Better Immunity

Everyone is always seeking new ways to improve immunity, especially during the lead up to the festive season. While the jury is out on many of the tinctures and tonics promoted as immune supportive, one thing we do know, is that too much alcohol has been shown to blunt the immune response and weaken the immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to getting sick.

Glowing skin

Alcohol is a dehydrating drink and the effects of dehydration are often shown via the skin. This paired with poor food choice, including high sodium and trans fats which often goes hand in hand with drinking, can lead to dull and lack-lustre skin. A break off alcohol and adequate water intake should help your skin get its shine back.

Learning healthier (and long term) ways to handle stress

Many of us use alcohol to cope with stress or as our crutch at the end of a tiring day. We all know, there are a number of downsides to using alcohol in this way and Ocsober is the perfect time to discover and make room for alternative (and healthier!) ways to handle stress. In fact, removing alcohol entirely from your routine, forces you into finding an alternative.  By the end of Ocsober your new tool for coping with stress should have become a new habit, which shows you do not have to rely on alcohol and your body will love you for it! Some tools to try are: walking outdoors, meditation, calming cup of herbal tea, yoga routine on the floor or talking to a friend on the phone.

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