Classes that mix yoga with all manner of other interests are cropping up all over. Search online to find one near you – you may just discover your new favourite way to say “namaste”. 

Channel your inner surfer with this outdoorsy twist, which has you performing traditional moves on a stand-up paddleboard (that’s the SUP part) at a beach. Studios along 
the east and west coast now offer this zen workout surrounded by water. 

Vino and vinyasa have something in common: both can help relieve stress after a long week. (Just stick to the one glass, though.) Enterprising vineyards,  breweries and pubs now host wine and yoga parties and classes so you can work those moves while you sip. 

Grab a fellow yogi for this challenging session that integrates classic moves with acrobatics. You’ll take turns balancing, lifting, and performing standard poses in the air. Best of all, you’ll leave having strengthened your core and overall body. 

The infusion of chromotherapy (using colour and light) into daily practice can enhance awareness of body and soul. Being immersed in blue in the morning, for instance, may help wake your body while a ‘red’ class can help power up metabolism. Classes aren’t yet here in Australia but you can try using colour in your home practice.

Yes, it’s a thing. Strip down to your birthday suit as you seek serenity in the quiet calm 
of a studio filled with other women. Hitting the mat in the buff builds body confidence and lets you move freely without being held back by restrictive fabrics.  

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