And unlike that layered confection, these produce-packed treats will give you a wide range of nutrients. 

We searched Instagram for the best ways to #EatTheRainbow at your next summer gathering while still eating clean. From appetisers and booze to salads and mains, here are six delicious ideas for brightening up your buffet table:

1. Chop up a multicolored slaw.

Creamy coleslaws from the store are often doused in mayo-based dressings, but prep your own and you can make it both healthier and more colourful. Sue from The View from Great Island thinly slices cabbage, onion, jicama, watermelon radish, carrots and capsicum for this vivid, slightly spicy blend, which she tops with a cool lemon poppy seed sauce made from Greek yogurt. If you prefer, toss on an oil or vinegar dressing instead.

2. Mix some colour-soaked sangria.

Hot summer barbeques call for something refreshing to sip, and this fruity drink passes that test with flying colours. Ali of Gimme Some Oven stirs a dry white wine with a bit of lime juice and honey, then adds in diced fruit layer by layer. Splash on brandy or soda water to finish it off, then cheers! Make sure you nibble on the fruit for a dose of immune-boosting vitamin C.  

3. Grill meat and vibrant veggie skewers...

Assemble these multicoloured meals-on-a-stick ahead of time, and all you have to do is throw them on the grill when guests arrive. Red, green, yellow, and orange capsicum bring pops of colour plus vitamins A and C to the table, while chicken delivers protein to keep you full. The View from Great Island slathers on a spicy pesto sauce too. Prefer fish? Swap the chicken with salmon and you get the added benefit of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. 

4. ...or thread together fun fruit skewers.

Cut up fruit, slide on skewers, and serve. These simple appetisers by Clean Food Crush showcase a rainbow of fresh fruit from red raspberries to blueberries, which contain filling fiber and brain-boosting antioxidant anthocyanin. To serve these for dessert, try drizzling them in chocolate and popping them in the freezer. You'll end up with a sweet treat that's also super refreshing.  

5. Make technicolor wraps.

Roll crunchy cucumbers, capsicum and carrots into a whole grain tortilla with sweet mango strips to make these healthy crowd pleasers from Jeanette's Healthy Living. For gluten-free guests, you can wrap in collard green leaves rather than tortillas. Dip in a creamy Sriracha peanut sauce for extra zip and a hit of protein. 

6. Prepare a purple potato salad.

Not only are purple potatoes gorgeous, but they can also help lower your blood pressure. All the more reason to toss them into a better-for-you salad, like this one by Steph at Cali Zona. She cranks up the colour in her bowl with cherry tomatoes and lots of peppers, then drizzles on a homemade Italian vinaigrette—yum.