1. Shape up brows

Studies have found that brow colour and impact fades with age. The simple act of filling in sparse areas and making them a little darker is like a mini eyelift.

2. Add definition

Don’t skip mascara, instead, load up your lashes for instant definition.

3. Conceal dark circles

Strategically place a tiny amount of concealer in the deepest or darkest zone. The secret is to apply with a fine-tipped brush, like an eyeliner brush. Apply sparingly, then gently pat the product in with your ring finger.

4. Disguise under-eye bags

It’s all about reflecting light. So use a lightweight, illuminating liquid concealer that bounces the light to deliver a vibrant under-eye.

5. Create illusions with make-up

Sweep a matte, taupe eyeshadow under the lower lash line to create an instant eye lift. Extend it ever so slightly beyond your upper lashline, then simply join this bottom line to your top line – and you’re done!

6. Pick the right eye cream

There’s an eye cream for every issue under the sun (and around your eyes). If puffiness is your problem, try a cream with caffeine or vitamin K, which helps flush out fluids. Caffeine also helps to constrict the blood vessels, working wonders on dark circles, while vitamin C eye creams can help fade brown spots. To soften crow’s-feet, look for a cream with retinol, to boost collagen, and antioxidants, to prevent further damage.



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