Marta Dusseldorp

Effortlessly elegant Marta Dusseldorp spent her morning running with the dog but urges that we should not forget to tend to our cultural health.

“Read a good book, stay on stories and don’t go for quick bites - be it food or reality television. Instead stay with good drama that has been sculpted and worked properly. That includes literature to Australian stories - and supporting Australian stories. I think a healthy identity of where you come from culturally actually makes you healthy in your life.”

Sara Wiseman

While Sara Wiseman enjoys yoga and the peace of walking near the ocean and woods, she loves an old school freeform dance session at home. “That’s good times! Like you used to do when you were a teenager - dance it out in the bedroom.”

For mindfulness, she adds “Gratitude is a really good thing for staying level. Someone shared with me a while ago – Comparison is the thief of joy – so I really try to stay true to my path as opposed to worrying about what anyone else is going.”

Jenni Baird

Energetic Jenni Baird thrives on being busy but is often time poor so quick high-intensity workouts are her jam. At the moment she is into former US biggest-loser trainer Jillian Michaels Bodyshread because the easy to follow videos are on YouTube - “I’m a little bit addicted to the endorphins afterward.”

The downside to a busy life is that sometimes you can feel a little frazzled and Jenni says the simple act of taking a breath and reminding yourself to slow down can help your mind.

“It is just a simple mantra and yet it is the key to life. If you feel yourself stressed or in a stressful situation, just let your shoulders drop and take a big deep breath. It is miraculous how quickly you feel different.”

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