It’s no secret that collagen is essential for firm, healthy skin. It’s the main protein in the human body, which depletes naturally as you get older. But can taking a collagen supplement bolster your reserves and improve skin health?

Some studies seem to think so. When you consume collagen, it’s broken down into amino acids, absorbed in the body and used to build more collagen, and promising results from clinical trials have discovered taking oral collagen peptides may improve skin hydration, elasticity and density.

While more research is needed, you might like to try these supplements for your own anecdotal evidence. Simply add them to your coffee, tea or smoothie.

THE COFFEE CREAMER: DOSE & CO DAIRY-FREE VANILLA COLLAGEN CREAMER Add this delicious blend to your morning brew to support healthy skin. $51.99,

THE SMOOTHIE BOOSTER: DR LEWINN’S MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDE+ INNER BEAUTY POWDER A sachet of this flavourless marine collagen will supercharge your smoothie. $59.99, Priceline 

THE ALL-ROUNDER: MUKTI BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN BOOSTER Packed with antioxidants, prebiotics and vitamins, this even tastes good with just water. $129.95,

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