In Episode 3 of Thriving In Menopause, Prevention's Editor, Andrea Duvall chats with Psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray about the common intense changes that our hormones can cause.

If you feel like your normal happy self has been stolen, or if you suddenly want to leap out and punch someone who cuts you off in traffic, you’ll know what we mean. Dr Emanuella discusses how it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed by life, exhausted, and lose any sense of fun. And she shares ways you can get out from under this emotional black fog. She also has some important advice on managing your relationship through this rocky time. It's a time when many women feel they need to ‘fix’ their lives by making radical decisions – quit a relationship, leave a job, or uproot their home in an effort to find the stability and happiness that is missing. But before you do, Dr Emmanuella has some important advice. 



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About Thriving In Menopause, The Podcast

Menopause can be a tricky time for a lot of us as strange things start happening to our bodies. From endless hot flushes, weight gain, sleepless nights, insane mood swings, and a barely-there libido.  All of these symptoms can make it a really tough time. 

Join Prevention's editor,  Andrea Duvall, in this six-episode podcast series as she chats to some of the country's best health experts to discover simple ways to make midlife easier.  Subscribe today to ensure you don't miss an episode. 

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Host: Andrea Duvall.

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