Surrender Dates 

Remember the anticipation that used to go into planning a date? Or the feeling of being wooed? To recapture those feelings, try alternating who takes the lead and who surrenders to the experience. One partner picks everything that happens on the date – such as where you’ll go, what the dress code will be, etc – and also handles the details, like organising child care and paying the bill. The other person just goes along with the plan. You can either create a date you think your partner will love, or introduce something you really like to do. Either way, you’ll step out of your routine and invigorate your time together.

Double Dates 

Instead of asking each other out, try inviting out those nice new neighbours who live down the street. Research suggests that a couple experiences more passion and excitement after a date when there’s another couple along. It gives you the chance to see your partner through the eyes of others – and hear those people’s genuine laughter at jokes you’ve heard a million times.

Adrenaline Dates

Have you wondered why so many dates on reality dating shows involve abseiling off a building or jumping out of an plane? It really does makes
sense in a way, because the adrenaline rush of taking a risk is similar to that felt when one is attracted to a partner. Incorporating a roller-coaster or an outdoor hike into your next date may give it some added zest.

Ready-made Dates 

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. From meals to beauty products, they tend to simplify things instantly. So why not do the same with romance? Australian brand Date Crate makes boxes that create an all-inclusive date night for you to enjoy without leaving the house – no babysitter necessary! Or order a gourmet gift box and dine in. By doing a Google search you’ll find a myriad of options. You’ll also find ones that suit particular interests. (You can buy subscription boxes online that suit every kind of interest – for instance, if you’re a crime buff, you can try Hunt A Killer.)

Bed Dates 

Especially for couples that struggle to find time for sex, a date that happens completely between the sheets offers an opportunity for skin-to-skin contact that may lead to more. Leave your phones in another room and eat dessert in bed. Then play a game (strip poker, anyone?) or opt for a cosy conversation – making a rule not to talk about the kids, the in-laws or finances – and let the night unfold.

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