Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she looks every bit as stunning without make-up in an Instagram video to promote her new range, JLo Beauty.

“For years, the number one question I've been asked is about my skin, and so I felt almost an obligation to share what I’ve learned,” the singer explains. “It’s taken 20 years to realise this dream, because I knew that when we launched, it had to be amazing because it has my name on it. I’ve been involved in all aspects of development, because JLo Beauty has to authentically mirror my values and reflect who I am, what I believe in, and how I live my life.

“Our tagline is, ‘Beauty has no expiration date’ because to me, ageless isn’t just a mindset — you can feel youthful at any age and feel great, not just great for 50.”

Wearing a silky gold robe, Jennifer explains in the video that she is wearing her stage make-up from a New Year’s Eve performance: "It's a lot of makeup, it's a lot of makeup, and I'm ready to wash it off. Are you guys ready to wash away 2020?"

She starts her three-step skincare routine with her new “That Hit Single” cleanser and says "it leaves you with a little bit of a glow when you're done".

Then she applies her $118 “That JLo Glow Serum”.

"I sent this formula back maybe 20 times, was to make sure it had a tightening and an instant glow effect,” she adds. “Then I use the extra on my fingers, because you want to have beautiful hands, too. I want you to notice something: I had a full face of makeup on and my skin was glowing. I just took off the makeup. I have no makeup on my face. I put the serum on. I have more glow bare skin than I did when I had the makeup on. And this is my mission with JLo Beauty to make you feel beautiful in your own skin. When it's just you. Not when you have to put on fillers and filters and all this stuff that we do on social media to feel beautiful. This is where you want to feel the most beautiful."

The video ends with her using her “That Blockbuster Wonder Cream."  

Jennifer recently revealed to Glamour that she has never tried Botox. “I’m not that person. I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing,” she said during a Zoom call with beauty editors. “I’m more about a natural approach to skincare. I think it starts first, honestly, with who you are on the inside and that shows on your face on the outside. That’s number one.”

Watch the video below:

The JLo Beauty range has been a huge hit in the US since going on sale on January 1. The website is already warning there will be shipping delays due to “overwhelming demand”.

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