Keith Urban has revealed that his struggles with insomnia inspired him to create a song for a relaxation app. 

The country music singer has written a 1-hour long track, I Am Home, which appears on the meditation and relaxation app Calm.

“Sleep is so important as a singer,” he said. “There was definitely a time when I wasn’t getting enough of it. I was definitely paying the price for that and losing my voice a lot.”

Urban, who has two daughters with Nicole Kidman, has learned the importance of having a good sleep routine.

“Fitting sleep into my life is important to me: mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, health, everything about it is important,” he said.

While he admits he’s never written a sleep song before, he says he was “really up for the challenge”.

“Without having to focus on guitar riffs, a hit chorus, or a three-minute time frame, I approached the song from a vibratory place – the key and tempo, speed of the chord changes,” he said.

“I just went with what I felt flowed and what I would want to hear to start and get all my energy down.

“I think there’s a trance aspect to the song, I get zoned into it and I go down the river, down the river of sleep.”

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If you’d rather have an actor talk you to sleep, you can have Matthew McConaughy read you a bedtime story on it. The Oscar winner’s Southern drawl lulls users to sleep, asking existential questions about the universe and being in the present.

Celebrities don’t just appear on the app, they also use it themselves. John Mayer recommended the app to fans, tweeting, “I use it faithfully.” LeBron James relies on Calm’s “rain on leaves” sound effect to fall asleep. Former One Direction star Harry Styles likes the app so much he became an investor.

Watch Urban talk about the evolution of the song below:

I Am Home is available to stream now via the Calm app

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