The CSIRO Diet Types Survey, developed by behavioural scientists, has identified 5 main types of eating that are linked to personality – giving you bite-sized information you can work with:

The Thinker

Tends to worry and over-think, which may increase stress levels, causing mood swings and comfort eating.

The Craver

Often experiences cravings for snacks between meals and instead of serving a small portion may order the bucket of popcorn or eat the whole block of chocolate. 

The Foodie

Enjoys food as a top pleasure in life so cooks amazing gourmand dishes that are often high in fat, sugar, salt and kilojoules.

The Socialiser

Enjoys eating out regularly with friends and family. This can lead them to eat portions that are too large or go for dessert, which they wouldn’t eat at home. 

The Freewheeler

Is impulsive and spontaneous, so may make unhealthy ‘on the spot’ choices when getting takeaway, eating out or snacking. Freewheelers have the poorest quality diets because they make more ‘on the spot’ decisions about food. So make a weekly meal plan and stick to it. 

Knowing the reasoning behind what you do can help change any unhealthy behaviours – yes, you can change your spots even if the leopard can’t!

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