Why have a birthday cake when you can have a sushi cake? That’s the question this Melbourne blogger asked her Instagram followers recently, after sharing the most incredible photograph of her homemade savoury creation.

Conna Cao from @connieandluna celebrated her birthday by creating the cake – which is decorated with sashimi, seaweed and edible flowers.

“As you know I love my sushi, so this year I decided to step up my cake game and celebrate birthday week with a homemade sushi cake,” she wrote.

“I had so much fun putting this cake together with my sister and decorating it with handpicked flowers from my garden.”

She created the cake by pressing layers of rice to the base of a cake tin, followed by a sprinkle black sesame seeds, chopped prawns and shallots, topped with a nori sheet. Salmon and tuna sashimi pieces were rolled to make rose shapes for the toppings. She garnished with rolled up cucumbers, parsley and scallops.

Her video showing how to make the cake has since been viewed more than 26,500 times. Click here to watch it.

It's definitely a great alternative for anyone who prefers savoury treats over sweet ones. 


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