Over a career spanning almost 25 years, Natalie has learned how to navigate the rocky waters of the entertainment industry, along with the highs and lows of life in general, with these ideas. 

Surround yourself with great people

You can get caught up with the wrong people, so surround yourself with the right people, whoever they are. I’ve got some beautiful friends and a great family so I’m very fortunate.

Be kind to yourself 

We’re not perfect and sometimes that can be hard to accept. It can really hurt and then you hate yourself. People might think, ‘Oh, she’s got it all together’, but I don’t always. Sometimes I’m in the corner having a little cry. When that happens I might ring my girlfriend and say, ‘I’m the worst mother!’ and she’ll say to me, ‘No you’re not, you’re doing the best you can.’ And I try to accept I’m doing the best I can within the moment.

Find the beauty in the hard times 

Life isn’t all roses. It is never going to be all highs. Without the lows we won’t experience the highs. And it’s important to accept that it’s not always easy and that these hard times are what make us.

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