We’ve all been there: scouring the produce section of the grocery store, searching for those perfectly ripened avocados. Only, there aren’t any. Scrapping guacamole for your planned barbecue tomorrow just isn’t an option because let's just be honest-chips and salsa is far too boring. Don’t fret, we have a seriously brilliant hack that will ripen those hard-as-rocks avos overnight.

How to ripen an avocado fast

All you need to do is put your unripe avocado in a brown paper bag, close it and leave it on the kitchen counter. Yes, it's that easy. Or, if you happen to have a beer stubbie holder on hand, one Reddit user, swears it to be the wholly grail hack of avocado ripening.

In case you are curious about why these methods work, it has to do with the ethylene gas that avocados produce. Normally, the gas is slowly released, causing the avocado to ripen accordingly. But, when you enclose the fruit in a bag (or koozie!) it concentrates the gas and speeds up the ripening process.

If you want to ripen that avocado even faster, you can add more ethylene gas to the mix by placing other ethylene-releasing fruits in the bag with it, such as bananas, apples or kiwi. Brilliant, right? It's worth noting that these ripening hacks will work with other fruits as well.

How to tell if your avocado is ripe

Avocado with opened stem cap

This brings us to the next question: How do you know when an avocado is actually ripe? Don’t make the mistake of relying on colour alone. They point out that the Hass avocado turns dark green or black as it ripens, but other varieties will retain their light-green skin. So to truly check if an avocado has ripened, they suggest gently squeezing the fruit. If it is ripe and ready-to-eat, it should be firm but will yield to gentle pressure.

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