There is nothing worse than the agony of an upset stomach. Belly bloating, diarrhoea, cramping, and nausea are all too familiar stomach ache symptoms that can feel so excruciating, they can’t be ignored. “People can experience an upset stomach for an endless amount of reasons,” explains dietitian Keri Glassman. “It can be from stress, a food borne illness, full-blown food poising, or maybe you’re feeling gassy from eating too many vegetables.” It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what led to your tummy trouble, but the good news is relief isn’t too hard to come by. However, if your symptoms get serious, it can be a sign of a larger problem. “If you’re throwing up blood, experiencing severe abdominal pain or fever, or passing blood in your stool, which can sometimes become a black colour, seek immediate medical attention. Drive to the doctor or go to an urgent care center,”  gastroenterologist Dr Tauseef Ali says. A cup of ginger tea won't remedy those symptoms. But the next time your tummy just isn't feeling right, consider adding these foods to your diet for relief.