In your dream world-you know, the one you where you quit your job and never have errands to run-you'd cook all your own meals. You'd never pick up muffins on the way to work, eat that overpriced lunch salad that doesn't even taste good, or order pizza because you're too stressed to even think about dinner. It's time to turn dream into reality. And all you need are two powerful, life-changing little words: meal prep. Essentially, healthy meal prep is the practice of spending a few hours each week making huge batches of whole grains, proteins, veggies, and snacks, ensuring that you're prepared to fight fast-food temptation with tasty, clean, home-cooked meals all week long. You've probably seen it all over Instagram-and you definitely want to try it. But while prepping a big batch of food on Sundays to eat through the week seems simple, you may soon find it's easier in theory than in practice. To keep yourself on track, follow these clean eating meal prep tips from the pros, along with some of our favourite meal prep ideas from bloggers and our own archives.