If you’re looking to get more toned but feel a little bit intimidated by strength training, resistance bands could be the tool to unlock sculpted arms, legs, glutes, and abs. This muscle-building band is a low-impact way to strengthen muscles in every area of the body by using oppositional force to work your muscles. The greater the resistance, the more your muscles will work. The result? Strong, visibly toned muscles.

Like body weight exercises, resistance band exercises can be performed practically anywhere, including hotels (great for when you travel), outdoor parks, gyms, and even at home. You can loop this portable, versatile tool around a bed post, tree, or squat rack and create an instant way to level up your fitness routine. And, according to fitness experts, it’s well worth it to add resistance bands to your workouts.

Why resistance bands work

When you use a resistance band, it stretches to create tension, and your muscles have to overcome this oppositional force. In doing so, your muscles work harder, resulting stronger, more defined muscles, says Nicole Glor, fitness instructor. “You can add them to weighted bars to increase the resistance, and they help you improve range of motion when weights stop working because of gravity". They can also be your gym buddy when you want to go deeper into an exercise or stretch. “When stretching, resistance bands can take the place of another person to extend your reach and provide pressure,” Glor says. “They also require more core activation for most moves.”

Resistance bands are also a safe way to fight osteoporosis and increase bone density. “There's less force on the joints, so if you are recovering from an injury or have joint pain, these can be your best friends,” Glor says. This makes them great for beginners. “Resistance bands are versatile and can be used for many muscle groups while being easy on the joints. Everyone from beginners to body builders can use them effectively.”

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