As soon as the temperature starts to dip, we’re swapping our summer salads for a warm bowl of comforting soup. But if your plans to look for more plant-based options have you wondering where you can find a delicious vegetarian soup recipe, we have you covered with our go-to plant-based bowls.

Other than being an ultra-cozy option during chilly winter months, vegetarian soups have a ton of nutritional benefits. A bowl of veggie and bean soup can be a great opportunity to increase your plant-based protein intake, says dietitian Jackie Newgent. In fact, vegetarian soups containing beans, pulses (like lentils), dairy, or eggs can have just as much protein as their meat-based counterparts, she notes. And the combination of vegetables, beans, and stock means you can quickly increase your daily fibre, protein, and water, adds dietitian Vandana Sheth.

But if beans and pulses aren’t your forte, Newgent says that blending your soups can create a more likeable texture. If you’re trying to go more plant-based but your usual go-to soup recipe isn’t vegetarian-friendly, Newgent suggests experimenting with swaps to alter the recipe to your preferences. Recipes that use meat products can easily be replaced with plant-based meats on the market or mushrooms and any meat-based broths (like chicken, beef, or bone broth) can be swapped for a vegetable broth or a heartier mushroom broth, she says. Sheth adds that spices and herbs can be an excellent swap for bouillon and blended beans or tahini are a great inclusion for extra creaminess. And vegetable and bean soups actually bring a superpower to the table.

The combination of vegetables containing beta-carotene (like carrots and tomatoes) with fat (like olive oil or butter) can actually increase your body’s ability to absorb the carotenoids from those vegetables, Newgent adds. If you’re not convinced to grab your stockpot and start cooking, Newgent says that adding more veggie-packed soups to your diet can actually help you maintain healthier body weight over time. “Because of its volume, including nutrient-rich soups into your eating plan may boost satiety, and, in turn, may help with weight management efforts, she says. But if you’re worried a broth-based soup will leave you hungry, Sheth suggests grabbing a piece of crusty, whole-wheat bread for a little something extra to complete the meal.

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