Salmon and other fatty fish are key parts of a healthy diet. Seafood provides key nutrients including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (which are great for brain health), iron, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. Fish also adds a great source of protein to your plate— just a100 grams  of salmon has nearly 20 grams of protein, with less saturated fats than some meat options.

Plus, research shows that eating fatty fish, like salmon, twice a week for its heart-health benefits. Eating fish and seafood can even lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and may help lower cholesterol. Salmon in your diet can also promote bone health, encourage a healthy body weight, and decrease the risk for colorectal cancer. Top diets consistently recommend incorporating fish into meal plans. The Mediterranean diet, which has been named one of the best diets overall year after year, and the DASH diet, which is similar but focuses on lowering blood pressure, recommend eating fatty fish twice a week. Ahead, explore some of the best salmon recipes to inspire healthy meals all week long.