For me, talk therapy has been one of the greatest gifts healthcare has had to offer.

When I sit across my from my therapist and spill my heart out about everything that’s going on in my life (the good, the bad, and the ugly), I feel seen, heard, and appreciated. And yet, sometimes this safe bubble feels a little too small—like I’m the only one experiencing what’s happening in my brain and my therapist is the only person who understands me.

Of course, this is far from true, especially in the midst of a life-altering pandemic. We are all going through our own mental health struggles, many of which may overlap with another’s experience of life. I’ve found solidarity, validation, and community in listening to other people’s stories, particularly on podcasts. The conversations are healing, but they have also helped to educate me on the nature of mental health and how we can create a better society to hold space for our psyches—to foster more compassion for the complexity of being human.

If you’re just starting to explore this genre or want to grow your list of go-to listens, exploring the thousands of podcasts out there can feel overwhelming. So, we did some digging in hopes of making your search just a little bit easier. Here, you’ll find the best mental health podcasts to help you navigate stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. 

Take a listen to these podcasts and you may discover that you’re not alone.