Processed foods often get a bad rap as many of them are filled with sugar, sodium, and fat - but not all packaged products are created equal. While fresh, wholesome foods are always preferable, there are plenty of processed foods that are totally healthy, and you're missing out on their health-boosting nutrients and convenience if you decide to nix them from your diet. The key is to read the nutrition and the ingredients labels carefully and look out for red flags, like added sugar, MSG, and unhealthy oils. Ideally, you want to eat packaged foods with minimal ingredients. For example, some store-bought breads have a generous amount of salt - more than you'd expect in a slice - and if you enjoy more than one, the sodium can quickly add up. That said, you can be smart about choosing the processed foods you buy. From bean pasta to sauces to veggie burgers, here are the convenience foods dietitians always keep stocked in their kitchen.