Are a jam-packed schedule and a long to-do list leaving you too busy to exercise? 

The biggest health hazard you're up against just might be a chair - or a couch - and all the time you are sitting in it. According to research, 1 in 6 Australians spend more than 11 hours with his or her rear glued to a desk chair, car seat, or couch.

And just like a car that idles so long that its engine stalls, your metabolism puts on the brakes when you lead a sedentary lifestyle, says endocrinologist Dr James Levine. The moment you go from walking slowly to sitting, your active kJ-burn rate drops from roughly 12 per minute to 3. Over time, sitting for hours every day causes your level of HDL ("good") cholesterol to fall and puts you at risk of weight gain and a host of chronic diseases.

Dr Levine has developed a program called NEAT (nonexercise activity thermogenesis) to help you move more. It requires you to rethink all your habits and find new, more active ways to get through your day. If you move enough, you can offset the danger of all that sitting - and burn up to 4,184 more kilojoules (1,000cal) a day, without ever setting foot in the gym.

© Sourced: The Big Book of Walking for Weight Loss