Nothing's easy when it comes to weight loss. But dropping those last few kilograms can be extra difficult.

Why is that? "As you lose weight, and especially if you've lost a significant amount, your metabolism slows down," says dietitian Dana Hunnes.

As you probably know, "metabolism" is expert shorthand for the energy - or kilojoules - your body burns during the day. The more your metabolism slows, the harder it will be for you to keep shedding weight. 

Why does your metabolism downshift? Dieting deprives your body of energy it's accustomed to getting, says dietitian Bahram Arjmandi. Sensing that your kilojoule intake has dropped, your body may slip into a kind of energy conservation mode, he says. That explains why those first few kilograms fell off quickly, but the last few have proved stickier.

You can counteract the roadblocks your body and metabolism throw up between you and your target weight by changing these habits.