Would I feel healthier and happier? I decided to find out.

I’ll admit it: I’m all about hitting the couch for some Netflix and a nightcap after dinner most nights.

I’m an active, 38-year-old whose typical day might include a morning hike, bike ride to work, afternoon walk for coffee with co-workers, and a gym workout instead of happy hour. (Yes, that all happens in one day on a fairly regular basis.) So by no means do I consider my post-dinner couch habit detrimental. A girl’s got to rest, after all. 

Recently, however, I’d been feeling like my post-dinner couch-plop was getting in the way of my efforts to scale back on my evening glass (OK, glasses) of vino. Plus, I realised that I could be using that time to read, connect with friends, or maybe even meditate... but none of that was happening. So I decided to see if taking a brief walk after dinner each night might help shake up my routine and encourage me to make better use of the three-ish hours between dinner and bedtime. My goal: Commit to taking a 15-minute walk after dinner every night for 30 days. Here’s what happened.

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