If you’re one of around 3 million Australians who suffer from eczema, you will probably do almost anything to get rid of the red, patchy, itchy skin.

While topical steroids can make it better (there’s no cure for it completely), they can cause undesirable side effects. Plus, you can’t use topical steroids long-term, so if your eczema is chronic, you may find yourself in a cycle of improved skin while you’re using the medication and then back to square one once you stop.

There are some lifestyle changes that can help provide relief for eczema, including changing your diet (more fruits and vegetables; less animal protein), using dye- and fragrance-free products, and reducing stress, says naturopathic doctor Amanda Levitt.

Keeping your skin well hydrated is another way to decrease eczema flare-ups and severity. “You want to use a thick moisturiser that contains ceramides, a fatty wax that helps prevent moisture loss,” says Levitt. For best results, pat dry after a shower and then put the moisturiser on when the skin is still a bit moist, says Levitt.

In addition, the following natural remedies may help ease your eczema symptoms.

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