For better or for worse, here's how your bedtime rituals impact your relationship.

Your sleep habits affect your marriage more than you might think. Something as seemingly innocuous as waking up to pull back your share of the covers can leave you tired and cranky the next day—and more frustrated with your spouse. Sleep has long been tied to mood and behaviour, but new research is examining how our habits might affect our marital relationships. 

The news isn’t all bad: There are many positive impacts that sleep habits can have on a relationship, including increased feelings of intimacy. One study of 29 heterosexual couples even found that a good night's sleep increased reports of men treating their wives well, which in turn helped the women get better shut-eye.

Good or bad, though, the effects of your bedtime rituals can last for the long term, which means habits like snoring or cuddling at night have power over the way you relate to one another during the waking hours. While there’s no one formula for couples when it comes to sleeping, figuring out what works for both of you may help you sleep better and strengthen your relationship. Consider these six surprising ways your sleep habits can affect your marriage: