While the idea of never having another period sounds pretty sweet, no one looks forward to menopause - and for good reason. We've all heard about the mood swings, the insomnia, the night sweats and those infamous hot flashes. Oh, and we can't forget the supposed non-existent sex drive. None of it sounds particularly fun.

“During menopause, many women feel like they’re at war with their bodies and are destined to lose,” says sexuality educator Elona Landau.

The good news? That doesn’t have to be the case - and going through menopause isn't all bad news. For instance, menopause brings an end to fears about unintended pregnancies, Landau notes. “That, and the cessation of irritating and irregular periods, can be liberating. Plus, getting to move past the child-rearing stage, leads to more opportunities to engage in sexual play.”

While all of this sounds encouraging, it's far different to hear how sex evolves after menopause from women of all different walks of life. Which is why we asked six women to tell us how “the big change” has affected their sex life. Here, their very honest - and very different - responses:

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