Careful what you nosh on at your next holiday party! Turns out, the season is rife with foods and drinks that trigger our instinct to all-out binge.

Consider a delightfully festive caramel sea salt hot chocolate. It's sweet, creamy and just the right amount of salty—a flavour combo that we don't tire of, and so we keep drinking. 

It's these powerful flavour combinations of fatty-salty-sweet (or fatty-salty or fatty-sweet) present in many holiday treats that make them addictive—in fact, it's encoded in our DNA to eat as much of these foods as we can. That's because back in the day of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, eating these rare high-cal gems was key to obtaining adequate nutrition (i.e. not starving) and thus, released dopamine in our brains, producing feelings of pleasure that encouraged us to "eat that again!" 

But now—and especially this month—sugary, salty, and fatty food combos aren't scarce, and we don't need them for survival. They just make our pants tight. But awareness is power! Here, we've compiled the holiday offenders most likely to trigger a binge, so you can either avoid them at all costs or make a point to indulge mindfully.