Maybe your go-to positions have started feeling stale. (Missionary, again, really?) Maybe you had a baby and after being mum all day, binge watching the latest season of "Suits" sounds far more appealing than the effort that goes into sex. Or maybe you want to try sex toys, but your partner prefers sticking to the basics. Does this mean your relationship is doomed to a lifetime of subpar sex? Absolutely not.

"Couples may feel bad when they come across issues in their sex life, whether it's boredom or being too tired to do it at all, but it's important to remember that every couple deals with these kinds of problems at some point," says couples coach Lauren Zander. "The good news is that being honest, open and willing to keep your sex life alive and fun will help you find solutions."

Here are the most common challenges couples face in the bedroom and how to overcome the bumps in the road.