You can do all of these moves while standing.

So often, people try to strengthen their core, but instead they end up overworking their hips and straining their necks without seeing any difference in their abs. With this workout, you are going to use and work your whole core effectively so your obliques and core are sore—not your neck. Even though all of these exercises can be done on a mat, try to change your plane of movement and do them standing this time.

To make these exercises even more effective, please remember these three tips:

  1. Breathe. I'm not talking about normal breathing, but rather deep inhaling through your nose and then exhaling with a “ha” type breath out of your mouth. Use this breathing technique while keeping your core pulled in and tight, and try not to push your core out.
  2. Rotate. Try to twist your spine above your pelvis without moving your pelvis. Keep your hips squared under your shoulders and use your obliques and core to assist in the movement for best results.
  3. Slow down. Don’t rush through these exercises. Slow and with control will help to sculpt your core.

Now, aim for 8-10 repetitions of each exercise on both sides, and really try to rotate further, breathing more deeply and holding your core in tighter with each rep.

© Sourced: The Big Book of Walking for Weight Loss