The March/April issue of Prevention Magazine is out now! 

In this issue, discover how to lose 4 kilos without dieting! New research shows how easy it is just by putting one foot in front of the other - we share their expert advice in Prevention’s March/April issue! ⁠

Also in this issue: ⁠

⭐ Sarah Harris on weight loss and happiness at 40!⁠
⭐ Real women share their stories ⁠
⭐ Tasty low-carb recipes⁠
⭐ What to eat for better sleep ⁠
⭐ Soothing fixes for belly bloat⁠
⭐ Simple ways to stay healthy and live longer⁠
⭐ Discover more happiness, right now⁠

All this and so much more, on stands now!⁠⠀