By adding oils to your practice, you can drop further into your body, according to yoga instructor and Young Living Essential Oils Global Educator Ed Dailey. Inhale, diffuse or even use them topically on your skin (check the packet and only use the oils as directed as some are not for topical use).

To get started with essential oils try some of Dailey’s favourite fragrances:

Frankincense’s earthy, uplifting aroma is good for keeping you grounded and helps to create a comforting environment.  Use it when you are experiencing agitation and simply inhale it for a minute or two.

Lavender is one of Dailey’s go-to oils and is a great fragrance for beginners. If you need to find calm or relax, this highly versatile oil is for you. Try a three minute essential oil meditation, inhaling lavender to quiet the body and mind.

Peppermint is an uplifting aroma. If you're feeling tired, using peppermint throughout the day can help you boost your energy.

If you are still new to yoga, Dailey has some simple advice:

“Find a teacher you resonate with and are comfortable with. Sometimes that might take you going to several classes and realising ‘Hey, I really like that class, no I didn’t like that one’. When you find someone you like, be consistent, and keep learning and practicing at home. In as little as 15 minutes you can have a lasting effect on the body and mind.”

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