1. Getting rid of wrinkles doesn’t have to mean needles

We have some good news for needle-phobes! Instead of banishing wrinkles by injecting fillers into the skin, treatments can now be done by ‘blowing’ filler into the skin. This new method is ideal for treating large areas such as parts of the face. It can help with full face rejuvenation and even skin thickening. It can also be used to treat ageing in other areas, such as on the back of the hands or neck, as well as treating cellulite and stretch marks. As far as the long term benefits are concerned, there is little difference between this procedure and the traditional injection-based one. As a general rule,  the technique requires one treatment every months for three months.

2. You can bank your fat for later

Most of us dream of farewelling fat forever. In a new method, fat that’s removed during liposuction can be stored and reused as your own personal anti-ageing filler. Once it is harvested (yes, that is what the professionals call it), it is cleaned, prepared and frozen to -190°C for re-injection into other parts of the body at a later date. Recent research suggests it could even be beneficial in other procedures including joint therapy. The biggest advantage is that your body will recognise your own fat and won’t react to it when injected. In fact, it has been discovered that fat contains stem cells which can benefit you.

3. Modern facelifts can be minor

Facelifts don’t have to be a major undertaking, if you don’t want them to be. Having a mini face-lift can give you the result you need without a drastic change. This method can give a more natural result and avoid the ‘pulled look’ long associated with facelifts. The procedure involves removing excess skin and sagging from the face and neck, and can be very effective in removing the appearance of slight jowling and laxity of the cheeks and neck.

4. Diamonds can make your face seem younger

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this proves it. When your skin is feeling clogged and looking dull, microdermabrasion uses diamonds to rejuvenate and revitalise it. A diamond tip head is used to remove dead skin cells and clean out pores, leaving smooth skin and promoting new skin growth and collagen. Results can be seen immediately and it can also help with acne scarring, dull skin, ageing, blackheads, congested skin and skin that needs deep exfoliation. 

Dr Lanzer warns all invasive surgery has risks. Seek advice from appropriate specialists and get a second opinion prior to surgery.

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