Where do you purchase your skincare and hair products?

She’s had a birthday since we last spoke with her and a major change in attitude – now she’s not only funny and fearless but feeling happier in her self than ever before. Read more about how Julia Morris is her happiest at 50 in the Apr/May 2019 issue of Prevention but here is a sneak peek...


Least favourite food?

Vegetables. I know it’s very immature but that’s always been the case.  

Early mornings or late nights?

Late nights. For everything:  cleaning the house, pottering, avoiding bed. The irony of having to be up at 4am when we’re in Africa is pretty tricky. But mornings are not my thing – I think I’m even a better looking woman in the afternoon.

When do you wear exercise tights? 

I don’t mind them for school drop off. But I have been able to turn my back on activewear since I discovered Decjuba jeans (and I don’t get paid to say this!). They hold you in everywhere and even my stomach looks vaguely flat. 

Last gift you gave a friend?

Gifts are very much my thing. Yesterday I bought a school bag for my daughter’s best buddy. And last night I shouted everybody dinner. I have some giving issues. I think my way of being grateful for life’s riches is sharing my good fortune. 

Hugs or kisses?

I do love kissing but hugs go a long way. I can’t get enough of hugs. That’s the only time I use the expression ‘lean in’ and have full body contact on a hug.

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