On happiness:

What makes me happy? Gardening (because communing with nature is one of life’s greatest joys), making art in my studio, Sundays spent boxing and wrapping cakes for Jamface customers [at her market stall], and being part of the community at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market. I also enjoy baking the perfect cake, hanging out on the sofa with my partner, Jono, watching Netflix with a takeaway, and seeing my Scotties, Rhino, and Tim, tear around at the park.

On slowing down:

Jono always complains about how hard it is to get me to sit down and relax. So, I’m trying to take on less and learning to calm down more and be solution-driven rather than catastrophise everything when things go pear-shaped.

On anxiety:

I’m a massive stress head and incredibly obsessive. For releasing anxiety, I’ve found breathing, writing a list or thoughts down, cleaning, or gardening really helps. If all else fails, I talk to my Jono, who’s very calm and pragmatic.

On drive:

I always have a lot of energy; I never really have to work on it. I think it just comes from having a very strong work ethic. Needing to feel productive and making progress in all my creative pursuits really drives me.

On exercise:

I’m not going to lie. I never exercise, but I’m incredibly active. When you work in a commercial kitchen, you really have to hustle. There’s a lot of heavy lifting, stirring, whisking

On patience:

My philosophy in life is to have a red-hot go at everything and always check in with intent, otherwise, it’s easy to lose your way. Also, never try to defy the natural order of things – rarely do the good things in life happen instantly. They usually require patience and sacrifice.

On trusting in the bigger picture:

I’m not one to look too far ahead into the future. I feel it’s wise to feel your way so you’re sensitive to unexpected opportunities. But I’d definitely like things to look calmer, to spend more time with loved ones and to be painting full time again.

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