Take the plunge

Swim laps while the kids splash around at the pool.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 2,840 (678cal)
Bonus Benefit: Talk about a total-body workout! Swimming strengthens your chest, back, arms, abs, legs, and shoulders.

Play frisbee

Toss a frisbee with a friend, or your dog.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 852 (204cal)
Bonus Benefit: Throwing the Frisbee gives chest, arms, shoulders, abs, and legs a great workout.

Find your green thumb

Put in some spade work, mulch up and freshen up your garden.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 1,260 (301cal)
Bonus Benefit: All the bending and twisting required to plant and weed works your core from every angle.

Go cycling

Find your inner pedal power.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 1,989 (301cal)
Bonus Benefit: Power up each hill to help tighten and tone your legs, hips, and backside.

Try kayaking

Sea kayaking is not only sculpting, it's meditation on water.
Kilojoules burned per hour: 1428 (341cal)
Bonus benefit: The resistance of the water is a great arm workout targeting shoulders, biceps, back and core.

Become a tennis ace

Grab a friend for a hit around the court.
If you've never played before, book a coaching session to help you grasp the basics ... and your racquet.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 2,273 (543cal)
Bonus Benefit: The svelte, sexy arms, shoulders, and back muscles of a pro player.


Find a place you've always wanted to explore and take a stroll.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 994 (237cal)
Bonus Benefit: It may not feel like exercise, but walking around tones your calves and works your glutes. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Set sail

Learn to sail, to read the wind and haul up some canvas.
Kilojoules Blasted Per Hour: 852 (203cal)
Bonus Benefit: Sailing works your sea legs--and arms, shoulders, and abs.

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