Exhausted from too many late nights or disrupted sleep? Then find 10 minutes to sit down, quietly, and breathe. As little as 10 minutes of mindfulness practice a day (70 minutes a week) may have the same benefits as an extra 44 minutes of sleep each night, US research has found.

Here’s how you can fit mindfulness into even the busiest days:

In transit

Listen to music and focus on the tone and tempo. Look at the streetscape or sky from the train or bus. Feel the seat beneath you.

At work

Eat lunch away from your desk. Notice the colour, texture and flavour of each mouthful. Back at your desk, turn down your phone while you complete that report.

At home

When talking to your partner, stop, sit still and give them your full attention. Folding the laundry? Don’t rush – do the task slowly, noticing the feel and fresh smell of the fabric. This will make it feel more like a domestic meditation than a chore.

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