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Wearing active wear or leading a training session, Michelle Bridges is completely at home. Now she is taking the stage by storm on Dancing With The Stars - but a Jive or Foxtrot is a little more out of her comfort zone than a workout circuit.

Talking about her dance preparation in a recent Instagram post, Michelle admits “Honestly, I could not be more out of my zone... I’ve had good days and terrible days...where I’m questioning everything.”

But one of the things that motivate her to power on is that this uncomfortable feeling is what those that follow her weight-loss program experience.

“It’s identical to those doing 12wbt. Which is why I needed to do this. It’s time to believe. Believe - I can dance, you can train, you eat clean! I can be a role model, we can be our best...”

Rehearsing the new steps and techniques has been a learning curve and she said on Instagram that some days can feel like total madness.

But in true Michelle Bridges-style she’s “got this!” and says it all starts with believing in yourself.

“I’m a big believer that the first step before any others can be taken is the step of self-belief. In terms of business or career, you need to believe in it otherwise it’s not going to happen. When the challenges turn up, it’s that self-belief you always cling to. That’s the bedrock,” she told Prevention.

Watch Michelle on Dancing With The Stars hosted by Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer on Monday nights at 7.30pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.

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