In this episode,  Dr Joanna McMillan, leading nutrition scientist, author and creator of Get Lean, explains why our metabolism slows down. And she discusses why belly fat can be risky for our overall health, compared with 'bingo wings' and the other places we may have discovered added padding.

Dr Joanna guides us through how to curb weight gain without 'dieting'. She shares a range of simple 'tweaks' to your daily food choices and lifestyle habits, that will not only loosen that tight waistband, but can lead to feeling more energised, ease brain fog and boost your happiness.



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About Thriving In Menopause, The Podcast

Menopause can be a tricky time for a lot of us as strange things start happening to our bodies. From endless hot flushes, weight gain, sleepless nights, insane mood swings, and a barely-there libido.  All of these symptoms can make it a really tough time. 

Join Prevention's editor,  Andrea Duvall, in this six-episode podcast series as she chats to some of the country's best health experts to discover simple ways to make midlife easier.  Subscribe today to ensure you don't miss an episode. 

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Host: Andrea Duvall.

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