1 ASKING FOR HELP is a beautiful thing. I never wanted to bother anyone, but I’ve realised there is beauty in being vulnerable and allowing people to help, because they get so much out of it, too.

2 TRUE WEALTH is found in relationships. The people who get you through the good, the bad and the ugly are what bring meaning to life.

3 LIFE IN ISOLATION has taught me I don’t want to run around like a crazy person anymore. It’s also opened people’s minds up to exercising at home – something I’ve always wanted. It’s a dream come true!

4 BEING A MOTHER has brought strength. When you’ve got children, you’ve got to keep moving and keep going; you can’t just curl up in a ball.

5 HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE quality time with my four-year-old son, Axel. While it can be challenging, watching him at that age – his growth, sweetness, and innocence – is a real joy.

6 EXERCISE ALWAYS makes you feel good. I aim to train every day, even if it’s just five to 10 minutes, and walk or play with Axel – it keeps me mobile and helps me see the world through fresh eyes.

7 AGEING IS INEVITABLE – it’s going to happen, so it’s about how you accept it. I feel grateful to be at the age I am with my son and have a full life. There isn’t much I haven’t had a go at, so I’m proud!

8 WHEN IN DOUBT, sleep on it. I give myself 24 hours before making a big decision or if I have a bee in my bonnet. It takes the sizzle out and you think differently when you come out the other side.

9 TAKING CARE of yourself is non-negotiable. When I take care of my physical and mental health, I feel good and, as a result, my son gets the best of me.

10 STAY TRUE to who you are. I have accepted who I am, but I haven’t stopped learning. If you don’t learn from life’s lessons, they just get handed to you again and again.

11 ALWAYS BE kind, loving, compassionate, and unafraid to roll your sleeves up. And if you get knocked down? Give yourself some time and then get back up!

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