She’s a television presenter, author, recipe developer, entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, but Sally Obermeder is easily one of the most down-to-earth celebs in Australia.

Despite being blessed with a gorgeous and supportive family, and a career that’s gone from strength to strength, she’s the first to recognise that things can go wrong. What matters, she says, is how you bounce back.

“Life happens, and you can’t control most of it,” the 45-year-old told Prevention. “Emotional resilience is vital so that you can wake up, keep going and pursue with passion and happiness what’s important to you.”

It’s been seven years since The Daily Edition co-host was diagnosed with breast cancer while 41 weeks’ pregnant with her daughter, Annabelle. Despite a challenging treatment and recovery period, Sally says the experience led her to understand that we don’t always get it right when trying to balance the different parts of our lives.

“When everyone’s focused on the same goal, you can get a lot done – that’s the only way you keep balls in the air. But you know what? It doesn’t always work and sometimes the balls fall on my head. I definitely don’t beat myself up about that aspect anymore,” she explains.

“That only happened since I became sick. Prior to that, I was generally hard on myself and my inner dialogue was really tough. Now, as long as I’m happy and doing my best, then that’s totally fine by me.”

In short, Sally O is loving this stage of her life.

“I know myself and I’m comfortable saying no to things if they’re not right. That’s a really nice freedom. It took a long time to get to that point, but it’s such a beautiful feeling.”

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