She may have a couple of decades on the other competitors but former Olympic swimmer Shane Gould has shown she has what it takes to bring home the Australian Survivor title.

So far this season, we’ve watched her out-smart and out-play many unsuspecting contestants.

Shane said going into the show “I want to show Australians that being an older person doesn’t mean you’re worn out, you’re just worn in. The wisdom I’ve gained from all my life experiences is going to be really invaluable”.

Her training as a competitive swimmer (she is the first Australian to take home 3 gold medals at one Olympics and is the only person to hold every world record from the 100 free to the 1500!) paid off in one of this week’s challenges requiring contestants to hold their breath underwater. 

“Am I competitive? It’s like asking if the queen is from England” she said.

Shane told Now To Love she worried the social and physical side of the game could be her downfall but admitted "when you've lived for a long time and worked with a lot of people, you learn how to get along in these situations."

"They've underestimated me," she declared.

"A lot of them are over-reliant on their physical strength, and aren't looking over their shoulders."

We saw this when she navigated the elimination of Lydia, to the surprise of many viewers who have since backed the 61 year old. She has just one message for the remaining contestants...

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