So you’ve mastered meditation and perfected yoga but are now looking for something different to boost relaxation and destress. Look no further than sound baths. Despite what the name suggests there is no water or actual bathing involved, instead sounds created by metal or stone bowls restore your body and mind as you relax on a mat.

Traditionally held in yoga centres, sound baths are becoming more accessible in studios including Upstate Studios where the team has chosen crystal quartz bowls for the “clean and modern aesthetics and the beautiful sounds and vibrations they create” instead of the traditional gongs and copper bowls.

“Each crystal bowl creates a different frequency that vibrates through your body and helps to guide you into a mediative and relaxing state,” says Upstate Yoga Co-Founder, Gail Asbell.

Using sound to restore and heal is an ancient practice, and one that is slowly making its way back in to main stream. The Tibetans have used singing bowls to alleviate anxiety, boost mood and relieve some forms of physical pain, with modern studies supporting the activity.

“Sound waves help shift the mind into a mediative state, decreasing stress and anxiety,” says Asbell. “It is an experience with deeply resonant sounds that very quickly shifts the mind and body into a restful and calm state.”

Sessions start with relaxing yin yoga as sound bath can be a challenging meditation for necomers to drop in to. But, on the plus side, anyone can take part. There is limited equipment required (many studios have mats for you to use) and no strenuous movements needed so it should be manageable for all fitness levels.

Asbell has just one final piece of advice: “Come with an open mind and you will leave with a happy heart and calm mind.”

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